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Bill Alexander - US Rep from Arkansas
Lamar Alexander - Lawyer, Governor of Tennessee, Secretary of
Education, US Presidential candidate 1996
Gary L. Anderson - US Rep from NY
Neil Armstrong - astronaut, first man on moon,
from Wapakoneta, OH
Charles E. Bennett - US Rep from Florida
Bill Bradley - Pro basketball star and US Senator from NJ
James Brady - press sec to Pres. Reagan
Milton A. Caniff - comic strip artist "Steve Canyon"
John Koncak - Orlando Magic pro basketball player
William E. Dannemeyer - US Rep from Cal.
William Devries - MD, transplanted first artificial heart
Michael Dukakis - former governor of Massachusetts
Arthur Eldred - First Eagle Scout
Gerald Ford - U.S. President (1st Eagle to be pres.),
    "Junior" Ford of Troop 15, Grand Rapids, MI in
    1927, 26 MBs--including Civics, "Boy Scouts
    was invaluable in shaping my life."
James Lovell - Navy pilot and astronaut, President of NESA
    Flew on Gemini 7, 12 & Apollo 8, 13.
    Apollo 13 Mission Commander.
    At one time had seen more sunrises than any
    other human being, Distinguished Eagle
Richard Lugar - Senator from Indiana
J. Willard Marriott, Jr. - Pres. Marriott Corp.
Jim Mora - Head Coach, New Orleans Saints football team
Sam Nunn - US Senator from Georgia
Ellison Onizuka - Astronaut aboard the space shuttle Challenger
H. Ross Perot - self-made billionaire and presidential
J. J. Pickle - US Rep from Texas, proudly displays his
Distinguished Eagle plaque inside his office
Samuel R. Pierce - former Sec. Housing & Urban Development
Harrison Salisbury - Pulitzer Prize winning author
William Sessions - foremer FBI director
Steven Spielberg - Movie producer, from Scottsdale, AZ, made a
    movie of his troop while getting Photography
Wallace Stegner - writer and college professor, won Pulitzer
Prize in 1972 for "Angle of Repose"
Percy Sutton - Attorney, Ch. of Board of City Broadcasting
John Tesh - TV celebrity and pianist
Sam Walton - Businessman, Retailer

Eagle Facts:
Only 1.2 million boys have reached Eagle in over 80 years (15000 a
year, roughly). Only 2 in 100 that joins Scouts make Eagle--that's
0.5% of the male population.

Henry Aaron - baseball player, home run king
Richard Dean
Anderson - taught Reptile Study, actor
Charles F. Barber - CEO of American Smelting & refining
Bill Clinton - Cub Scout, President of US
Harrison Ford - Life, taught Reptile Study, actor
    "Indiana Jones"
Bill Gates - Life, founder of Microsoft Corp.
David Hartman - TV personality
Dan Jansen - Olympic Gold Medal-Speed Skating, 1994
    Olympics, Lillihammer
Bruce Jenner - Olympic Decathlete, Gold Medalist
John F Kennedy - first US President who was a Scout
Branford Marsalis - Life Scout, Jazz musician
Merlin Olson - Pro football player and sportscaster
Eddie Rabbitt - Country & Western singer
John Ritter - actor, son of singer Tex Ritter
Richard Roundtree - actor
Nolan Ryan - pro baseball pitcher
Alberto Salazar - Life, 3 time winner NY marathon
Mark Spitz - Seven Gold Medals-Swimming, 1972 Munich
Olympic Games
James Stewart - actor, USAF B. General, B-17 pilot in WWII
Joe Theisman - Life, former QB, Washington Redskins

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