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Philmont Page


Philmont Hints My personal ideas to help you have a better trek.

Philmont GPS Coordinates of Philmont campsites.

Philmont Maps large files in .tif format that have been put in ZIP files.
Philmont Movie on preparation.  Scroll down and look at last two videos of Philmont.
First Aid - list of supplies for a backpacking first aid kit ( i.e. Philmont)


  1. Philmont Page List List of links about Philmont
  2. Philmont Web Ring This is a web ring of Philmont sites
  3. Tooth of Time Traders Online Store at Philmont
  4. Maps and Camps Other web site and different maps of Philmont

Fedex address for Philmont
Philmont Scout Ranch
US Hwy 21 South
Rt 1 Box 35
Cimarron, NM 87714

Philmont Hymn:

Silver on the sage,
Starlit skies above,
Aspen covered hills,
Country that I love.
Philmont here's to thee,
Scouting Paradise,
Out in God's country, tonight 

Wind in whispering pines,
Eagles soaring high,
Purple mountains rise,
Against an azure sky.
Philmont here's to thee,
Scouting Paradise, 
Out in God's country Tonight. 

Hymn music : Hymn without words
                      Philmont Hymn with words

Philmont Grace
For food, for raiment,
For life, for opportunity,
For friendship and fellowship,
We thank thee, O Lord.