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Permission Form




Hospitals and physicians have been successfully sued for assault and battery for treating sick and injured children under the age of18 and unmarried without specific permission from legal guardians. Because of that, parents must now prepare legal documents for their babysitters or temporary guardians to use in urgent care visits. The following is an example authorization form. It's always advisable to check with a lawyer, but the elements of an informed consent exist here and should be honored by most medical facilities.

Of course, if the situation is life threatening, the hospital would likely provide needed treatment. But in non-urgent situations, the staff, by law, must await permission. That permission must come from parents or legal guardians. It cannot come from brothers, sisters or even grandparents.

Please instruct your baby-sitter or other family member who regularly cares for a minor child to take the form with them to the Hospital Emergency Department should an emergency arise.

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