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Roger and Janet Knapp

Family Information about the family.  See pictures and activities.

Grandchildren web pages: 

GreatGrandfather Learn about starting the Agriculture Extension Service and the 4-H.



Pediatric Medical Information
Here are some informative articles,
good pediatric information on child care,
and my well child advice. 


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Archive of PastNewsymail

Inspirational Stories  Recipes My Wife's, friend's, and relative's
recipes that are very good.

Children's Drawings
that were submitted to
to me by patients.


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 Joke Clean jokes that I have heard and told.  These are ones that you can tell to anyone.

 Quotes These are a select group of quotes that are thought provoking that I thought they were good.
  SUDOKU How to work the puzzle in a simple way that makes it fun and successful.   Picture Texas A&M  from 1938 on Thanksgiving day with the game going on.   I'm the class of '69

Weaving on a loom pictures and videos




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