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Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. 911 video

  2. Patriotic Video

  3. Pledge of Allegance by a 2 year old.

  4. How to tie a shoe video 

  5. Family Traditions

  6. Things not learned in School

  7. Socialism

  8. Sudoku -- how to solve puzzles.

  9. Battleship - play battleship on paper.  This is different and has ships diagonal also.

  10. Redneck Olympics events that you can have fun with.

  11. Boston Bridge Card Game.  Fun and you can play it if you know Spades.

  12. Old TV themes music.   Can you name the tunes?   

  13. Diaper Baseball by Pres. Reagan

  14. Whistle in a different way.

  15. Cast your child's hands for a keepsake.

  16. Using pipes to play music like hand bells at church.  Anyone can do it.