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Father/Son CakeBake Rules

1. Cakes must be baked by Cub and another male. (If there is no father in the home, then an uncle, older brother, or neighbor may help. Or, you may want to check with other Dads in your den - I am sure they'd be happy to help!) CUBS MUST HELP WITH CLEAN-UP!!!

2. Cake mixes may be used.

3. Entire creation must be edible - including ALL decorations. (HINT: you may use celery, carrots anything edible for trees, canoes etc...)

4. All cakes must have a title to show as part of the cake decoration or on a card attached to the cake. Cakes will be registered and numbers issued for judging purposes. ALL CAKES MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR JUDGING NO LATER THAN 7:15 PM.   Any cake submitted later than this will be disqualified from judging but will still be auctioned off.

5. All cakes must be on a "Give - Away" tray or board.

6. All cakes will be auctioned at the Pack meeting with proceeds going to the pack.   HOWEVER, cakes may be purchased prior to the auction for $10.00/each.

7. Cakes will be judged by outside guests and prizes awarded in the following categories:

1. JUDGES' CHOICE (Best Overall)
2. Tallest Cake
3. Biggest Cake
4. Most Original in Scouting Theme
5. Prettiest Cake
6. Most Unusual
7. "Best" in each Den

8. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be given.

9. Cakes must have a Scouting Theme. (Pack may want to use different themes: Space, Indian Lore, Camping, Etc.)