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In no specific sequence:

1 . Staple gun ... for putting up signs, name plaques, and lists on but. board.
2. Duck tape...esp. for holes in tents, many other uses
3. Cracker barrel food.
4. Ax &/or saws
5. Broom .... for sweeping tents, latrine, etc.
6. Shovel, rake, drill, hot glue gun, wood burning set, screw driver, hammer
7. Two wheel dolly-for foot lockers, water barrels, etc.
8. Tote-n-chip quizzes and cards
9. Compasses
10. Compass course game
11. Orange hazard plastic tape ... for ax yard, mark stumps and other hazards in camp
12. Troop First aid kit
13. Rewards for clean tents and best scout of the day ... beads or feathers, leather to
hang them
14. Leather shoe laces
15. Spray Lysol and toilet brushes for latrine Gleaning
16. Matches and bic lighters
17. Camera and film
18. Mosquito nets and poles
19. Small radio for weather reports
20. Joke book and skits book and camp gadgets book/lists
21. Charts for boys names to check off tent troop inspection, scout for the day, etc.
22. Merit badge lists, classes and times for each boy, lists for waiters for meals
23. Fan for bathroom
24. Yard lights that have charge from sunlight and turn on automatically at dark
25. Two 5 gal. buckets .... trash , wash clothes in it
26. Extra toilet paper and paper towels
27. Extra bug spray, sunscreen, batteries
28. Big clock with batteries ... put out by main dining fly for all to see
29. Bulletin board
30. Stove, fuel, coffee pot (box to lock up fuel in at camp)
31. Water coolers, (remind boys to bring cups and canteens
32. Troop and USA flags (flag pole if not at site.)
33. Physical forms
34. Tarps
35. Ropes, and nylon twine
36. Cups ... paper and extra metal/plastic for guests in camp
37. Camp suds for clothes
38. Pad of paper, clipboard, pens, pencils, colored markers, tape, scissors, stapler
39. Poles for camp gadgets
40. Signs for boys names for tents
41. Bugle
42. Megaphone, whistle
43. Extra ponchos (cheap thin plastic)
44. Extra wrist watch (cheap $5 Timex) ... for boy who is never on time
45. Lawn chairs, hammocks
46. CB radios for traveling
47. Thermos for coffee from dining hall
48. Shower curtain clips
49. Lanterns and mantles
50. Extra flashlights
51. Several pairs of old used tennis shoes from thrift shop
52. Light for latrine at night. Plug in if electricity.
53. Foot locker to carry all this stuff.
54. Extra tent for all this extra gear!!!